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"Happiness can be defined, in part at least, as the fruit of the desire and ability to sacrifice what we want now for what we want eventually" - Stephen Covey

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The leftovers s02 e08 a detailed analysis

In this golden age of  television every once a while you get a cathartic episode which is the milestone of the series. The leftovers just had one last week which seems to provide answers to its ever confusing world.

I have not seen "lost" yet but based on reviews it seems to be very similar to this where the audience is usually bewildered and searching for answers. According to me this episode gave us s lot of answers albeit in finer details.


Kevin wakes up in HOTEL PURGATORY. At first he is confused at where he is then realized that it must be the other side that Virgil was v talking about. Then the cupboard advises him to know thyself and adorn accordingly. He chose the hitman outfit even when presented with the obvious choice of police uniform. Why didn't he chose that , what would have been the story then. Im already imagining a game which would allow us a choice to adorn accordingly and the game resets to that profession.

Anyways , the international assassin story line is intriguing and he has paid 50000 usd to get a meet and greet with the current presidential candidate paddy. Virgil is the concierge in this hotel and advises Kevin not to drink water in the hotel as It would contain them in purgatory. It was at this point a crucial clue comes up. A bird just flies around the hotel.

Assuming that everything is just happening in kevins head, how can Kevin know about the bird which Regina Davis used to bury in the ground. I.e. This has to be purgatory which means there are miracles in miracle.

Double paddy
I believed that in this world paddy has split herself into two , the conniving presidential candidate and the little girl personifying her dark and lighter sides. I don't believe the contention that she got a plastic surgery. Kevin realised that his mission is not yet over when he didn't go back after killing the bad paddy. Fortunately his father was there to help him out in realising that he's needs to get the little paddy as well. If his father can dial into purgatory from the real world v then Kevin should have the ability too.

Then we have a Mary Jamison sighting and it is a boy ladies and gentlemen

The trip to the well and the final talk with lil paddy really personified the lighter side of her and the jeopardy scenario were really poignant and incisive analysis on her character and at the end of it would feel sorry for her.

Kevin miraculously gets back to life by buying him in mud ala true blood style like the bird and now we have a series

Monday, November 16, 2015

UFC 193 a retrospective

What a decision I made to ensure that I watched this live. Otherwise won't be able to witness one of the greatest upsets in mma.

I had watched the other two largely unimpressive performance by Holly holms and was pretty sure that she is no match for the ultra aggressive rousey except for one point that I knew Ronda never had - DEFENCE

Even in the bethe fight ronda got hurt by a couple of straight jabs but still she just bulldozed the much smaller bethe.

Here Holly had a clear game plan and executed it well. The more I recollect the fight I could see how similar it was too Jon Jones fighting style. I have always wondered how Jon was able to neutralize all his opponents strengths by maintaining distance and using his legs. Holly was using her side kicks esp the oblique kick as illustrated beautifully here by Jon Jones himself


Rondas skills as a striker was exposed here. If she isn't able to close the space with her opponent then it's going to be difficult for to fight smarter fighters. Even legendary submission artists like Frank mir and Fabrizio got way better in their stand-up to stay relevant otherwise any decent fighter could figure out a way to neutralize a one trick pony.

Holly is actually a boring mma fighter but Ronda kindof forced this into a knockout. Im not sure how holly would react if Ronda adopts a defensive strategy like her previous two opponents. But it highly unlikely that Ronda would be defensive cause of a single defeat.

Overall a good match and kudos to holly holms for staying classy even after such a big win.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

conversation with my pet fish

Don't be shy now. You can come closer
Unsettling I know your pet beetle fish chatting you up

Do you need something. Your water need changing?

If you are in a fish bowl there is no such thing as change my entire life spent in this thing. My whole world on your side table I look around same shit different day the lighting the furniture even the sound always the same. I'm on a loop and it won't stop unless my life does. I'm exhausted with this world

What can I do .I want to help

I think it is pretty obvious . there is only one thing you can do for a brother in a fish bowl

What is it ?



Some wonderful writing from Mr Robot the series

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Mr robot the series

I heard about this show from an internet review show and how it is so good that v out is criminal that it had low reactions. So I decided to download the first season. A few minutes into the first episode and I'm feeling that it is MY kind of shoes. Elliot is a  hacker by night guy with serious social anxiety issues but remarkably intelligent and tech savvy. I could relate to that.

It seems to be well written and here Elliot explains what is it about society that disappointed him.

"Oh  I don't know is it that we collectively thought Steve Jobs was a great man even when we knew he made billions of the back of children but maybe it's that all their heroes are counterfeit t the world itself is just one big hoax . speaking each other their burning commentary of bull sit masquerading as insight  our social media faking as intimacy .
Or it's out that we voted for this. Not for the river elections but our things or property of money but we don't know why but we do this cause hunger games books makes us happy of its it because we want to be sedated. Cause it is painful not to pretend cause it is clearly, duck society.""

This show has got me hooked now.