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"Happiness can be defined, in part at least, as the fruit of the desire and ability to sacrifice what we want now for what we want eventually" - Stephen Covey

Monday, December 25, 2006


Movie review of the hills have eyes

You will be confused with the starting of the movie ,where you will see some 70s or 80s news archives of the nuclear tests in the united states which is the basis for our movie. It seems that nuclear tests were conducted near some abandoned mines where some of the miner and their families refused to leave.the united states still conducted the tests in which many were killed and those who survived has got the genetic disorders due to the exposure to the radiation.their offspring too were affected with severe facial and body deformities,they lived in seclusion from the outside world in the mines.their existence is known only to the owner of the gas pump , he usually sends some of his customers to their area whom they use to kill and steal.in this movie ,we are following one such family who were sent to their area.whether they can survive the ordeal? That’s the synopsis of the story.

As far as my opinion is considered it is the usual thriller from Hollywood but this deals with a real issue of people with genetic disorders and the efeects of nuclear and bio weapons. Haven’t we all seen the pictures of people affected by “agent orange” in Vietnam. By bringing this issue to the forefront the director has enabled us to see them as a discriminated lot rather than monstrous. This is a decent movie with no big stars and no big acting just watch it for the thrills .i hope you like it.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

asian games fiasco

i watched the asian games with keen interest as im a sport buff.i watch all types of sports and if india plays in it you dont even have to ask.anyways, our performance in the asian games was pretty ordinary we could have done better .Like converting the silver into gols as you can see eventhough we were in the 8th spot we would have made the 5 the spot in the total medal category.what is heartening to see is that india is winning medals in many sports like sailing and even wushu.But gold medal is what counts so the players should strive to be the best. our sad state of hockey is accentuated in this asian game.our womens hockey team has shown improvement.overall im dissapointed with the performance of our indian atheletes who returned with just one gold medal.the government should invest more in the sports infrastructure and stress on physical education in the school to develop a strong sports culture in our country.

watching 6 movies in 24 hours

during the last week while buying a head phone i found that the shop even seels pirated dvds of english movies it had 3 movies in one dvd for just 30 rs.so i bought 2 dvds anf finishes watching all the movies within 24 hours even after foinf to my class in between cool isn't it.anyways the movies are he saw trilogy,the brothers grimm,v for vendetta and the hills have eyes.all are pretty good movies each with a different concept.here are my reviews for all the movies .

v for vendetta

I was trying to watch this movie for a long time .finally I bought the dvd and saw it.it wasn’t as good as I expected but anyways let go to the review .v for vendetta is actually a graphic novel written by alan moore .it was originally written to target the thatcherite England, the wachowski brothers did i a movie adaptation of this play,lets get to the movie ,the movie starts with the words “remember the 5th of November” which allures to the infamous gunpowder plot .if you rad the link you would probably get a better idea of the political overtone of this movie

It is set in a futuristic world in london where a totalitarian regime is present,ti is said that this regime controlled and united the country sfter a string of biological attacks and riots.Natalie portman is evey Hammond who was attacked in the night by the secret police but was saved by a masked person who introduces himself just as the letter “v” as v for vendetta. After that he demolishes a building and appears on tv warnimg the current government for deceit and promising to blow up the houses of parliament the next year, on the same day .through the course of the movie we learn the story of v that he was originally a prisoner and a subject for clinical experiments which had resulted in deaths of many prisoners he seem to survive and even acquire heightened mental and physical abilities.he escapes from prison and vows to get revenge on all those responsible for the experiments.through a series of events evey who at first considered v as amonster falls in love with him and decides to help him in his cause .we learn near the ending of the movie that the present regime were responsible for the previous biological attacks so that they can gain power by developing a vaccine for the attack so that the people would have no other choice but to depend on them .similar to the anti virus software makers ,make the virus first and then the antidote to it further their businesses.anyways .as the deadline date nears the police intensifies their search for v. v starts killing one by one the people responsible for the clinical experiments. Before the November 5th v tells evey of his love for her but he has a greater love for revenge and leaves it to evey to start the train with bombs to attack the parliament to get his final revenge on the chancellor,v is mortally wounded in the fight and evey fulfils v’s vendetta by starting the train with v’s body in it .this is the synopsis of the story.

This movie can be seen once.but there are serious flaws in this movie regarding the ease with which a single man like v can fill a train with bombs and direct it towards the parliament that’s ridiculous how could a guy who has said he would attack a particular place on a particular day in advance managed to do that .probably the police in the future is dumber than now.anyways, just for you information the original writer of this novel alan moore has denounced this movie and said that it has some serious deviation in plot and more political than in his novel ,anyways as far as the acting is concerned only Natalie Portman has a role and she does it pretty well.the charcterisation of v is pretty good (almost like the phantom of the opera type)hugo weaving acted as v but I don’t think he would have relished acting all through the movie in a mask.overall this movie is probably good for its dialogue some of them could make it into a nice political conversation but otherwise there is nothing spectacular.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

finally the japanese exams are over

finally!!!! the exam is over
with tension i entered the pachaiyappas college in chennai the exam centre for my jlpt level 4 exam i was quite surprised by the number of people there ,there were about 2000 people there oh my god!!! japanese is getting popular in india ,infact i heard many indians conversing with each other in japanese one is speaking on the phone in japanese juat imagine a level 4 student like myself in there ,i was in some foreign land these guys are good i learnt that most of them come from other states cause there are only 4 exam centres in india delhi chennai pune and kolkatta .some of them seem to go for level 2 directly i saw my sensei there as well he was going to write level 1 i think so !!! i thought that iwas probably like the only one interested in japanese cause everyone used to ask me as if i have touched the moon for some indians there ,its just a way of life they do their everyday conversation in japanese anyways about the exams it was as expected i did well in kanji and grammar, dont even ask about the kikitori -that was always difficult for me,anyways i think i will pass so lets wait till february for the results anyone else who want to share thoughts about their exam