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"Happiness can be defined, in part at least, as the fruit of the desire and ability to sacrifice what we want now for what we want eventually" - Stephen Covey

Saturday, June 30, 2007

free ebooks available on the net

man i cant believe that i can download almost any book on the net.This is amazing cause i could probably get any book by any author on the net.Atlast there is some usefulness on getting broadband besides watching movies.I have bookmarked the page, hopefully they don't bring down the site.

green street hooligans movie review

When i saw this movie i wasn't expecting much from it cause i've never heard of it.the movie stars Elijah wood(lord of the rings star).He is studying journalism in harvard but gets expelled from it after accused of possessing drugs which was actually done by his wealthy roommate.He travels to england to meet his sister cause he doesn't want to face his father.there ,he meets his brother in law and gets acquainted with his brother Pete.Pete was the leader of the football hooligan club for west ham united which calls themselves the GSE.He gets fascinated by the firm and joins them in their world of violence and brotherhood.This movie gives a perspective on the hooligan culture in england and the "firms" involved.This movie illustrates the rivalry between two rival firms and the bloody violence involved.The fight ensues and culminates into being Elijah's brother in law mortally wounded and him realising the futility of such a "firm" and its purpose and he decides to leave the firm.This is a decent and short movie probably could have made a better documentary than a movie.

Friday, June 29, 2007

xmen 3 movie review

i was waiting for a long time to see this movie,finally i got to watch this movie it was as i expected full of action.The story continues from the death of jean in the previous movie.Cyclops suffers from the loss of his lover and revisits the place of her death, it was there he sees jean coming back to life but in a different state of mind and she kills him.It revealed here that jean was actually an extremely powerful mutant as a child and xavier took her under his tutelage in order to control her powers.Otherwise she could not control her powers and becomes "Phoenix" the evil form of jean.Back to this world the humans have developed some sort of vaccine to convert mutants to humans.Magneto doesn't subscribe to this view and raises an army of mutants to destroy the vaccine.xavier, logan and storm tries to persuade jean to side with them but she kills xavier and leaves with magneto,then all of this culminates into the final battle at the institute where the vaccine was kept.This is the interesting point ,the vaccine is actually a boy(a mutant himself) who seems to have some anti mutant power where any mutant coming near his vicinity loses all powers .In the end the mutant army was defeated and magneto was vaccinated leaving him powerless and jean is killed in the process.Thus you could say that with this movie the series has come to an end cause xavier, cyclops and jean is dead but you never know as it is shown in the end as if magneto is recovering his powers

stay alive movie review

i watched this movie expecting some big star to be in this movie but there were none.anyways let me get to the story ,it starts with a video game tester playing a new game called "stay alive" the game was spooky and scary where he gets killed in the movie by hanging to death,that same night he was killed in the same way.His friend came to know about his death and took the game he played last with him.When he showed it to his friends they insisted on playing the game,and decided to do it that night itself.So,6 people starts to play the game it was getting spooky for them until when one of them gets killed in the game and the rest of them decides to call it a day ,the one who gets killed in the game is murdered just like in the game.this scares the hell out of the rest of them ,its only then did they realise that it is some game with evil spirits and that once you play the game you are caught with the evil spirit and the only way to escape is to finish the game where reality and virtual gets intertwined.how do they succeed in putting the evil spirit to rest is the rest of the story.The only recognizable person in the movie is the boy who plays the hero in"agent cody banks" ot much scope for acting anyway. a decent thriller

ice age review

this is probably one of the few animation movies i have not seen ,i watched it recently and i liked it.that was a cool no action flick,in fact it would have made a nice movie even without the animation,the story revolves around the three characters who try to return the baby to his human father.It was a nice human story and made with the usual mix of comedy.this movie is worth a watch.the sequel has come,i think it would be great as well.

sivaji the movie

since i was expecting worse ,i was pleasantly surprised with the movie cause it wasnt that bad infact it is watchable once.the story is good but there are certain anomalies in the movie.first of all this movie has more "filmy" moments than any other movie in recent times so you could say that it is a step backward for the tamil industry (especially when the bullet stops before hitting rajni)but overall this movie is satisfactory.the comedy is good but vivek seems to disappear in the second half.there are certain loopholes in the script though as when rajni is revived even after his death (all those scenes were quite regressive indeed) anyways you cant expect anymore from a rajni flick.the sets and costumes were great probably the best i have seen in indian cinema.sivaji has certainly "flattered to deceive".

cant keep count of the movies i saw

more movies i saw sivaji yesterday its a decent movie .last week i watched pirates of the carribean that was good this time the story was so complex that it was difficult to follow . certainly the most complex of the three movies ,not doing well in shares going at minus 4 % hopefully my portfolio will perform better in next month.

Monday, June 18, 2007


ever since the exams got over i have embarked on a movie marathon.i just cant seem to keep count of the movies i saw.its better to keep a record of that ,here are the movies in the order which i saw:
1. the grindhouse
2.basic instinct 2
4.rocky balboa
5.ghost rider
6.shrek 3
7.mr beans on a holiday
9.chennai 600028
13.night at the museum
14.stay alive
and theres more to come iwill write my opinion on all my movies just to keep a record

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

more movies

i bought 2 more dvds one had shrek3 happy feet and mr bean
the other one had ghostrider eragon 300 and rockybalboa
i saw rocky yesterday it was quite good didnt know the reason why it busted badly in the theatres.probablu they were expecting the same excitement like the previous movies. now i have to watch the other movies and probably write the review on mouthshut

Sunday, June 10, 2007

finally the exams are over

atlast after 14 subjects its finally over.time for fun probably i would watch some movies in this time. i watched "grindhouse" today .i was waiting to watch this movie for a ong time cause i like all quentin tarantino movies but this time i didnt like it.it was like some old movie with the usual formula (like old wine in new bottle) it wasnt bad but it was just not exciting.probably i was expecting more from him this time ,by the way it was a double feature which probably made it lengthy.now i have to watch all the new sequels shrek 3 pirates 3 etc i should buy a writer so that i can watch them on the player as well.