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Saturday, August 27, 2016

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Berserk : Anime series

It has been a longtime since I have really watch a full anime series. So  went to my animeguru GRarkada for any new series which would intrigue me.The recommendation was Berserk.

They said that the original 97 version is the better than the current version so I went to th'e aniem streaming' website to view this cult classic

Two episodes in and I should say Im hooked !!!. What is really interesting is that the way they started 'the' series with an interesting' narrative on the mindset of the protagonist Gatsu literally dealing with his inner demons .

After  the intial fight scene we could see that the story would be told in flashbacks ala street fighter. I guess the relationship & tension between Gatsu and Griffith would play a pivotal role in the series. It is 25 episodes long. Lets see whether I would be able to finish it. Would be my first in a long time.