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Saturday, June 14, 2014

San Antonio will be NBA Champs 2014

I have always loved the way the Spurs play. Pop and Duncan had epitomized the unselfish "team-oriented" play of the Spurs.The way they run their offense where everyone gets a touch on the ball till anyone shoots. They play the percentage game to the book.With almost an unassailable 3-1 Lead in the final against the previously considered to be the invincible Heat they have proved that they are one the most disciplined organizations in the sporting world with a soon to be 5th title in 15 years. Kudos to Pop and Duncan to show us how Basketball should be played even in this individual superstar age.

I believe any team with such an incredible team offense and a sturdy defensive system will always be good like the Spurs but for Pop to make all the players to buy in to the system is just amazing. Long live the Spurs and long live their Legacy !!!!!.