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"Happiness can be defined, in part at least, as the fruit of the desire and ability to sacrifice what we want now for what we want eventually" - Stephen Covey

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Good luck chuck movie

i found this nice website where i can watch the latest movies
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Smokin Aces movie review

I saw this movie cause i heard that Ben Affleck is in it but i have to say that it didnt matter whether he is in it or not cause he just has to say a few lines and dies pretty soon.This movie is about the mafioso killing each other where one famous mafia kingpin "sparazzo" puts a bounty on his rival "buddy israel".This movie then turns towards the list of contenders for taking the life of buddy.Buddy has just snitched which led to his bounty.The movie then seems to surround about the preparation done by the various mercenaries on their mission but after a while the movie seems to lose focus and tither on random shooting and killing scenes which doesn't do well for the flow of the movie.In many ways you could say that the Director kind of got confused in giving importance to all the characters and ended up with no definite climax nor story per se.The killer for this movie is definitely the ending where a BIZARRE explanation is given where the FBI itself is going to kill buddy israel inorder to give a heart transplant to the very man they are trying to capture"Sparazzo" who was actually a FBI agent infiltrating the mob but later became the mob itself.If he has converted into a mobster then why the hell is the FBI trying to save him inspite of all the crimes he has done in the past 60 years ,Yes he was supposed to be an FBI agent in the 40s.Then atleast both buddy and sparazzo gets killed(ha a sigh of relief,not to mention buddy is supposed to be the son of sparazzo)This movie is a waste to the core.Nothing is happening in this movie a complete waste of your time,but i have to say that Ryan reynolds impressed me though.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

More movies

i watched the movie satham podathey a fe days back, i liked it but it wasn't as good as previous vasanth movies but it is original and for that we should credit him.Besides he has clearly shown his finesse in cinematography and directing skills , this is a low budget movie and most probably must have been easily broken even.Kudos to prithiviraj for his acting in this ,movie though this is similar to "mozhi" character.besides this I'm currently watching "team america " which came about four years back i have been itching to watch this ovie but not until now did i get it so im thriilled and excited about it.