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"Happiness can be defined, in part at least, as the fruit of the desire and ability to sacrifice what we want now for what we want eventually" - Stephen Covey

Sunday, September 28, 2014

First images of Mars by Mangalyaan

Keep those coming ISRO!!! wat a day would it be if we do indeed find water or life on Mars

UFC Weekend : UFC 178

After I watched Cat Zingano fight Miesha Tate which is by far the best and bloodiest fight in female MMa. It was ridiculous to see how much can these two ladies take and when finally Tate got KO'd it was relief that the fight was over . But that match was by far the best fight in female MMA. Unfortunately since then Cat Zingano never fought due to a series of unfortunate events until today.

Cat Zingano - Miesha Tate

On her comeback match she had a tough matchup with Amanda nunes who is no mug. I was excited to see Cat - a mother to takeon an upcoming star like Nunes. The first round Nunes surprisingly was able to takedown Cat and even landed some blows but soon Cat recovered and there were a couple of submission attempts by Cat which immediately looked to finish the match. Soon afterwords Cat kind of got back to her standing game in Round 2 and showed her Muay Thai skills where she showed some impressive takedowns over her back. That was good to see and then she finished the match. It was the first fight on TV for UFC 178 and it was a good match.

Romero comeback win over Kennedy was the best thing I have ever seen in UFC.The way he looked completely out of it but saved by thee bell and then his corner stole some valuable seconds for him to recover by keeping the stool in even after the interval and recover he did by knocking out Kennedy immediately.That was good to watch Some of the UFC matches were boring but this was completely enjoyable and glad I got up early to watch these matches.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hero (2014)

Being a huge fan of Kimura Takuya and after watching the very enjoyable Hero TV Series which aired first in 2001. I finished watching the series in 2012. Never felt more dismayed that it stopped after the first season but most japanese series do. Cause right when you thought that some kind of character development is going to happen between Amamiya and Kuryuu it stopped. Moreover it would have been great to see the back story of Kuryuu where he developed from being a juvenile delinquent to a prosecutor. But still the cast of Hero is what makes the series tick, some amazing actors in the first season

Hero 2001 Cast

Found from Facebook there is a reboot of the Hero series in 2014. So quickly found it online and watched the episode.

Was pleasantly surprised that Kimura takuya is still kuryuu amazing only in japan can a person reprise the same role almost 13 years late.Japanese never seem to age for some reason. Anyways there is a new amamiya and other new characters. What was amazing to note that the tone and feel of the show never changed. Either the producers of the show has done an impressive job or simply Japan is just more impervious to change.