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Saturday, May 27, 2006

cricket in westindies

when will our guys ever learn to win outside the sub continent even good form and a record of consecutive wins could'nt foce them to win. in my personal opinion irfan pathan was the big disappointment not to mention sehwag and dhoni it time we seriously think about other alternative , now we have to wait for the tests in which we have a pathetic record

Saturday, May 06, 2006

medha patkar

This is in reference to the medha patkar issue
There cant be more vivid discription about this issue than this article from

All that you wanted to know about Ms Beautiful Lips

medha patkar

i simply cant understand wats going on with this woman she goes on hunger strike for a couple of thousands displaced due to the dam rather than forgetting about the million who will get benefitted by the adequate water supply and also prevent floods , this is some medievalistic thinking where people have no knowledge about dams and their importance , its only because of people like these that india is still back ward .we have to set our priorities right.

Friday, May 05, 2006

tamil nadu elections

iam a first time voter i simply cant wait to exercise my right to vote . iam
in bit of confusion about my vote iam certainly not falling for any of the
sops announced by the parties but saying al that i think that there is not
much differencebetween the 2 pparties except for the fact that the dmk is
more of a family party than the other , it would be interesting to see
whether vijaykanth can get to tthe hearts of tamils if he performs well in
this election then i will perhaps think about him in the future anyways hope
that we have a peaceful election

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