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Sunday, August 31, 2014

No Game No Life Anime

Since it was an extended weekend this week I got an opportunity to checkout some anime series . Ever since Steins gate I havent really watched any other series so it was long overdue for an anime crazed guy like me. Wat can I say about this series. This is a really weird series.......

This is about Bro/Sis combo who are hikikomori gamers who never lose in any game they play even if their opponents cheat. So they are invited by a Gog "Tet" into his world where every argument and conflict is resolved through game.So thats where all the action starts. After binge watching the entire season of 12 episodes I cannot believe that there is no second series cause it looks like we are only through 25% of the story. Apparently this anime is more like a selling point for the manga and other related media.This is a very unique anime series for me as I have never seen anything like this before. I thought it is going to go like Phi brain and waited for the complexity in the games but NGNL is much more than that, there is some really confusing relationships in this series and sometimes it feels like you are watching an ecchi genre series. Somehow the creators have tried to create a colorful anime on gaming with the twisted characterization of Sora/Shiro which I believe is one of the most questionable relationship ever in anime and the sheer exploitation of Stephanie Dola character was really exhausting after a point.This series could have been a lot better but still ok for the hiatus I had from anime.