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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

india us relations

sorry to have not written for a long time.this mail deals with the changing phase of india- us relations.

in the recent visit to the us , prime minister manmohan singh said that india and us has entered into the period of co-operation . but some quesions remain. i would like to point out some below

1. we have a signed the nuclear deal with united states , in return we will allow a team of US inspectors to our nuclear sites. do u think that it is unwarranted .does our thirst of electricity is so large that we should accept to this deal,besides lets not forget that us has not recognised india as a nuclear power state.we wont get all the benefits like other members of the nuclear club. if so, then why is there so much euphoria about this deal?

2.the defence agreement deal with the united states, it looks like india has agreed to buy american weapons , even this deal is uncalled for. our armed forces are equipped with russian weapons for a long time.we have repair and maintenance workshops for these russian weapons,even if we want to upgrade our forces them it is better to buy the upgraded versions of sukhoi and migs rather than buying F-16S which requires us to build an entire new system of maintenance and repair workshops etc etc ,(not to mention the training of the mechanics).this is too costly for us .atleast , i could understand this deal if india has succeeded in stopping the defense sales to pakistan but US is selling weapons to pakistan,it doesnt seem to deviate from its traditional tilt towards pakistan.so, again why there is so much euphoria over this deal.besides our present weapons is enough to refrain pakistan from making any misadventure.

3.the next is the india - iran pipeline , if india says that this issue is immune to any outside influence, then how come this deal was in the negotiation stage for 6 years and even after the deal is signed with iran the work hasnt started . is the US influence stopping this to go ahead.

on one hand india seem to say that india is not selling out but it seems to be.


the confusing part is that india doesnt seem to gain much from all these deals

The foreign investment from US to india is a miniscule proportion of the investment going to china

all this when china supposed to be the enemy of the US and india is supposed to be the natural ally (as said by colin powell when he visited india refering to the realtionship between the worlds oldest and worlds largest democracy)

india can gain from the largest economy and the creative wealth of the united states.

but it should also be seen that we get a fair deal

US could sell weapons with pakistan which cant be used aginst terror but against india.




as of now US has only paid lip service to the talk that it will help india to be a major world power.

though we have to open our economy more to the US companies , i think the US companies havent responded well.

i know that india cant grow without embracing capitalism and integrating with the world economy

but the truth remains that india is still a domestic economy

i dont think that the above deals help india

some say that india signed it out of RECIPROCITY.

if thats true , what are the reasons for this cause i dont see much benefit for india from all this

what is your opinion on the above points.

thank you ,


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Thursday, July 14, 2005

national awards

man yesterday the national awards were announced the soouth got quite a few , " autograph " is one of them to have won the best popular award , paa vijay got the best lyricist award , someone from karnataka won the best actress award

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

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national film awards

south films are getting recognised on the national circuit
the film autograph got the best popular film award , the lyricist pa . vijay got award as well
the link is given below

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Monday, July 11, 2005

pms speech about the british raj

dear sir,
i dont know what was the pm thinking when he praised the british raj.did he forget that british were "colonizers" the very definition of the word colonize means enslaving one country and exploiting them for their own country.  the literacy rate of india during 1947 was 11% now indias literacy rate is 69%
we achieved this in 50 years which the british raj didnt do in 200 years , we are talking about the problem of casteism in our country , we were ruled by foreigners who only seem to encourage casteism by using the communal card , appeasing one sect against another . this is the modus operandi of the british raj , the schools they started were all christian missionaries and the people they educated were all used by the raj in other colonies . i know that there is a sect here in india like sashi tharoor , karan thapoor who are anglophilians but i didnt expect this from our PM .comeon he is the primemimister of our country not some western motivated novelist like sashi tharoor.i hope that he only said out of coutesy of the oxford university felicitation.cause if he really meant it im worried.
we were a pathetic llot of slaves during british raj, 3 million died in bengal due to famine , we didnt have any rights in our country.but the most lasting impression which colonisation has made is that it created a psychological scar in the indian mind, indians think of "whites " as superior race, look at the fairness cream ads , if thats not psychological or inferiority complex then what???
we have grown to become the 4th largest economy in the world (ppp)only due to freedom and protecting the rights of the poor who were exploited by the british appointed zamindars.
wake up , countrymen. i was born in free india in 1984, to me india is the best, there is no better country than india , i hope you old guys would realise that as well
thank you,

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

about ayodhya

about the ayodhya blast lets see what our think tank thinks about it

Saturday, July 09, 2005

todays news

saw the asian wonens kabaddi in dd sports man they are really sggresive , infact i think the defending champions india is the only team to have played the game as it should be . the situation got ugly when an iranian kabaddi player almost wrestled with a japanese player during the match , the japanese woman got hurt

i told you about the indian victory in basketbal yesterday the link is herehttp://cities.expressindia.com/fullstory.php?newsid=138382

Friday, July 08, 2005

indian sports

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indian sports

i saw a basketball match in dd sports .i was happy to note that india has beaten uzbekistan 68-67, man that was close , the tv channels dont report it extensively as they report sports events of other countries. why do they do that , probably the foreign media pay them for it.anyways you can get information on this story .click here

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todays news

its all about london bomb blast
click  ,here

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

indian cinema

there is a serious crisis in indian cinema which no one seems to notice . we arent getting many hits why is that we have to think about it .its either the indian cinema has gone down or the aspirations of the indian audience has gone high

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