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Sunday, May 10, 2015

It is time for the playoff again!!

It is time for the NBA playoffs and me getting up early for watching the live matches.On the ongoing series 2 of them are interesting, Grizzlies Vs Warriors and Bulls Vs Cavaliers.

Here is an article from SBNation's Tim CaTO on a pivotal Game 3 at Memphis

That the Golden State Warriors would make a fourth-quarter comeback and narrow a 20-point lead to just a few was inevitable. The only question was if the Memphis Grizzlies could weather the storm.

They did. The Warriors cut what was once a 19-point deficit to four thanks to a parade to the free throw line, but Memphis never gave up the lead on its way to a 99-89 win on Saturday. With another game in Memphis looming on Monday, it's the Grizzlies who hold a surprising 2-1 lead over the NBA's best regular season team.

It was a tough night for the Warriors shooters, who missed both open and contested shots without discretion. Golden State is renowned for its ability to make shots this season, but 43 percent from the floor and just 25 percent from behind the arc through three quarters wasn't enough, not for the quality of looks the Warriors

The Warriors will blame themselves for missing those looks, but it was also clear they were rattled. Arriving in the Grindhouse in the raucous Memphis arena, and facing Tony Allen and Marc Gasol defensively, the Warriors had to work for everything. Memphis' identity isn't rooted in transition three-pointers or superb athleticism, but grit and toughness. Their goal is to make opposing teams feel it for 48 minutes and it took most of the game for the Warriors to react appropriately.

Let's say the Warriors felt it for at least 40, since they did make that fourth-quarter comeback. After pushing Memphis into the penalty, they closed the gap at the free throw line and found some easy shots inside. Down 91-85 with 2:05 to play, Golden State played great defense and forced a Gasol back-breaking prayer.

Here are three things we learned. 1. There is no one tougher than Mike Conley It wasn't a great offensive night, but it didn't matter. Conley's main impact came from relentless, physical defense on Stephen Curry throughout the game, bothering him around every screen and on every screen. He knew exactly what he could get away with from the refs on his home court, and he faced up and took a charge even with his face injury. Without Conley, the Grizzlies wouldn't have a 2-1 series lead, and in true Memphis fashion, he's fighting through the pain when he team needs it most.

2. You have to make shots to win The best three-point shooting team hit 6-of-26 from deep. There are surely technical adjustments for Steve Kerr to make, but the main thing for Golden State is simply to hit some shots going forward. Curry was just 2-of-10 while taking the same mix of pull-ups that he does every game. Taking nothing away from the Grizzlies, the Warriors just aren't playing like themselves.

3. Zach Randolph just keeps going Once again, the big man led the Grizzlies with 22 points on 9-of-15 shooting, plus eight rebounds and three steals. Memphis' style is to never adjust from its big-man heavy, grind it out lineups. There were questions whether they might have to against a killer small-ball Warriors team, but Randolph has more than held his own and punished Golden State at its own game all series.