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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Westworld : Theories

Memento --- Yes Memento was my first experience with the Nolans. I didnt watch the movie but I read the script back in the day when I used to prefer readingstuff rather than watching it. That was one the best scripts ever written and crystalized my desire for the matters untold, left to the understanding of the reader/viewer., I believe the script is still available in Drews ScriptOrama.

Ever since Stanley Kubrick there is no other storyteller who dealt with ambiguity in such a nuanced manner than Nolan brothers. Westworld is so nuanced and exciting at the same time with clever writing, editing and not to mention amazing acting. After the slight stepdown Mr Robot in the second season, it was refreshing for me to watch Westworld.

I have caught with all the episodes till now and there are multiple thories among fans. Like this one

I have my own 'Bulk Apperception' on this

 Man in Black (Ed Harris ) is Logan from the earlier timeline (yes there are two timelines)  

Bernard is arnold in consciousness

The Maze is the clue to Arnolds fate

William dies in the first timeline