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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

wto talks

indias growing importance in the world can be seen in the forthcoming wto talks.
there are certain issues which the developing countries are going to put forward
1. first and foremost is the FARM SUBSIDIES there shouldnt be any agreement unless and until the developed countries reduce their farm subsides (which are inthe billions)
2.from indias pont of view there is the issue of the information trade bpo is also considered as a form of trade where it is mandatory to allow free transfer of knowledge and in formation which would protect us from any local law ,i heard that this would also allow our people to get easy access to the educational institutions as this is also considered as a form of trade is that true
what are your thoughts about the above issues
do u think that this is a platform for india to form a meaningful alliance (as a leader) in the world
globalisation has helped india but india should make sure the farm subsidies issue is resolved quickly our food imports have increased by 300% when we had a bumper crop last year , importing food means importing unemployment do u think this hong kong round would find a solution
thank you

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