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Monday, February 26, 2007

movie review of grudge 2

Movie review of grudge 2

Grudge was a decent movie it would have performed better if
it was released before “the ring” anyways so I got this movie probably more
interested about the story than the horror but I was terribly disappointed. The
director seems to have missed the plot quite literally anyways here is the
synopsis of the


It revolves
around the three separate storylines.It continues from the first part where
sarah michelle is in the hospital after her failed attempt to burn the
house.Her mother was informed about her condition who sends sarah’s sister to
look after her.when her sister (Aubrey davis) reaches there, she finds sarah in
a terrible emotional state .she is seeing images of kayako again and is killed
in the processs of escaping from her .Her sister then befriends a guy who is
researching the grudge cases.then we are introduced to three girls who goes to
the grudge house where they force the new student to enter the closet and shut
the door.this makes the ghost kayako to appear. They finally run away from the
house scared. Two of the school girls were murdered by “kayako” ghost and the
third one seeks the help of a doctor. then we follow a family in Chicago
where the small boy in the family sees “ toshio” the boy ghost and he has some
eerie experiences as well. In the end Aubrey visits the house to put a stop to
the ghost whre she has to undergo the same experiences as kayako did when she
was murdered by her husband and she sees
kayaka materializing before her.and the story stops there. Then in Chicago
things turn a little bit more eerie when the boy’s step mother kills his father
and her sister for no specific reason and then we have a surprise ending that’s
all .

There is absolutely no plot in this movie and the director
seems to be confused with how the movie should progress.we are just shown
bizarre events just for the thrill here and there ,that’s all theres no story
(especially no progress from the first part) it just leaves us where we were at
the first part .

My final analysis
is that if you like to go for horror rides in amusement parks where they just
throw up scary faces here and there then you would like this movie .otherwise
theres nothing more to it.I heard that the original movie ju on:the grudge2
(Japanese version) had a different ending ,probably he should have stuck with

PS: The surprise ending is that the three stories are
happening at different time lines which makes this is a non linear format which
is getting popular these days but still it bores me out.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

watched 2 movies last week

2 movies "the grudge 2" and " pirates of the carribean- dead man's chest" the second movie was good but the first one was a drab.probably the director didnt know what to do with the plot.

Monday, February 19, 2007

yeah !!!! japanese rules

got the results i got 80% didnt expect that 89 in kanji 76 in listening and 155 in grammar
nice now i have to join level 2 .can learn from home itself.

pokkiri movie watch online

Monday, February 12, 2007

watch england win the commonwealth bank series

its an amazing turnaround who would have thought that england would win the series(that too convincingly) its a timely reminder of their capability just before the world cup

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Its nice to see the english team doin well in one dayers for a change.They are a good side with true match winners like petersen and flintoff.They are blessed with good technical batsmen probably because of the swinging conditions in england.Certainly the australians are the favourite here hopefully england will give them a fight.cant wait to see the action anyways i will posting the videos here.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

russell peters

for all you Indians this is the best man yo!!!! great comic if you don't like him somebody gonna hurt real bad here are the links for his NeW DVD  outsourced
part 1
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
part 7
part 8

the departed - great movie

the cast of The departed is as good as it gets ,just imagine what will you get if Matt Damon , Leonardo DI Caprio, mark walhberg jack Nicholson martin sheen act in one movie and it is directed by martin Scorsese. wonderful isn't it the departed is a movie about the mob culture in America and their relations with the police force .It is the remake of a Chinese movie "the internal affairs" its a long movie but has action in every step .its an absorbing movie and you have to concentrate hard to enjoy it.its some what psychological movie like the "taxi driver" regarding the deep mistrust we have of each other and the villainy existing in this world.in todays world every ones a rat , we have to watch out for our own back.anyways this may be a good movie but not what you call a cult movie so don't expect much from it . as is said , its great to watch the movie in DVD quality .

Monday, February 05, 2007

jamie kennedy

jamie kennedy is a standup comic in the united states i think people in india should know about ,he is hilariously funny and he does prank shows .his shows are amazing i enjoyed them and i watch them everyday here are the links for his videos i hope that you will like it as well
enjoy it!